What can we learn from sex work and why is it important for our society? by Irina la Fey


Historically, sex work has existed in different forms of society for a long time and it still does in all parts of the world. Opponents of prostitution dream of a world without sex work instead of looking at the real reality, which is empirical historical evidence that sex work has always existed and is likely to always exist The only question is whether it takes place safely and legally or illegally and unsafely.

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Online Sexwork by Irina la Fey

Increasingly, everything is becoming more digital – and sex work is no exception. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the internet and sex is probably the classic: porn. There are now many porn sites, some of them highly tailored to specific fetishes, but the internet also offers a much wider range of digital erotica.

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Escort since Corona by Irina la Fey

Escort since corona

The Corona pandemic has probably not left anyone unscathed. In many areas of our lives, we have had to accept and get used to changes. Whether it’s the fact that working from a home office has increasingly merged our private and working lives, or the fact that we have had to look for new ways to make our remaining free time more fulfilling when we can no longer fall back on the usual sports and cultural activities.

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