Welcome to Plescort, Your High-Class Escort Agency in Frankfurt am Main

My name is Irina le Fey, and I am delighted to welcome you to Plescort. After years of successful work as an escort, both locally and internationally, I decided to channel my passion for this unique world into my own agency. Plescort is the result of this passion and my vision to provide a platform for other women in this profession.

My Passion for Escorting

I have always been fascinated by the world of escorting – a world that is much more than just glamorous meetings and exciting encounters. For me, escorting is an art form, a way to touch people's lives in a special way and to give them unforgettable experiences. I have felt and lived this passion in every encounter, and it has always been important to me to destigmatize escorting and bring it into a positive light.

Supporting Other Women

My experiences have shown me how important it is to find support and understanding in this profession. It was therefore close to my heart to found an agency that not only offers clients a first-class experience but also provides escorts with a safe, respectful, and supportive environment. At Plescort, I stand by the women with advice and assistance, accompany them on their journey, and ensure that they always feel comfortable and valued.

Freedom and Passion

Running this small but exquisite agency means freedom and fulfillment for me. Plescort is not just a business, but an expression of my beliefs and my passion. It is a place where dreams come true and where I live my visions of freedom and self-determination. Every encounter we arrange is planned with the utmost care and dedication to provide both guests and escorts with an unparalleled experience.

Plescort – More Than Just an Agency

Plescort stands for the highest quality and individuality. My years of experience and deep understanding of the needs and desires of my clients and escorts flow into every decision I make for the agency. It is a joy and an honor for me to run Plescort with such passion and to contribute every day to ensuring that our guests and escorts experience extraordinary and unforgettable moments.

I warmly invite you to discover the world of Plescort and be convinced by our unique philosophy and commitment. Welcome to Plescort – Your High-Class Escort Agency in Frankfurt am Main.

Yours sincerely

How to make your booking request:

The short list of the following steps should give you a rough orientation for your booking request. We would like to make the booking process as easy and pleasant as possible.

Step 1

Think about the date, the start time, the place and the duration of the date. What are your preferences and desires and what type of woman would be suitable?

Step 2

Contact the agency with your booking request and either get advice on choosing the lady or discuss your specific booking request.

Step 3

Make a deposit or transfer the entire fee in advance. Deposits are due for new customers and trips outside the hometown of the lady. With complete advance transfer, you can concentrate on the date entirely on the time together and do not have to do the financial part first.

Step 4

Enjoy the anticipation of the date

Plescort: Perfect encounters

Meanwhile, there is a confusing oversupply of escort agencies. Plescort organizes extraordinary encounters and unforgettable moments that meet your expectations. 

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High class escort dates-national and international

Our escort ladies bring the necessary skills and are trained seductresses. They quickly recognize the needs of the counterpart and provide a feel-good atmosphere.

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Luxury escort experiences

A relationship with an escort lady is based on beautiful moments. Intimacy, closeness, eroticism and sex are part of a successful date, but the whole package is crucial.

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