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Becoming an escort means you open up an exciting world of travel and unique encounters in a luxurious environment.

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Questions about working as an escort lady

An escort lady is a hetaera, a trained seductress, but not only in the bedroom, but also in public can appear confident, charming and eloquent. Because men who choose to book time together with an escort want something special. But also for you, escort dates offer the potential of interesting encounters and beautiful experiences. Travel, city trips, star restaurants, spa visits, cultural events, luxury hotels and of course sensual adventures and tingling eroticism.

What you should bring:

You are an attractive and well-groomed, slim young lady and have an open, uncomplicated and adventurous personality, with a positive attitude towards life. You like eroticism and are very open-minded, always want to get to know something new. You are curious and quickly get into conversation with people, are not shy but like to approach others proactively, appreciate a high-level ambience and move safely and with great pleasure in upscale surroundings. You speak English fluently and at best another foreign language. You have a good general education, can contribute something interesting to almost any topic, but also know when it might be better not to say anything about a subject. You like to give a lot of yourself to inspire others while remaining authentic. Excellent manners, reliability, punctuality, discretion and the ability to act independently and conscientiously come naturally to you. If you can find yourself in these points you bring the necessary skills!

How can you apply?

Send us your meaningful application via email or messenger (Whatsapp/Telegram). The application should contain as much information as possible so that we get a good first impression (e.g. age, height, profession, hobbies, experience ect.). Please also include some meaningful pictures. Both dressed, as well as some in lingerie. The pictures and data will only be viewed by the agency management and will be deleted immediately in case of rejection.

What Plescort offers you:

As one of the worldwide operating high class escort agencies with an excellent reputation, Plescort is able to create a safe and professional platform for your adventures. We provide you with carefully selected, exclusive contacts to nice, intelligent, sympathetic and interesting gentlemen in your region, Germany, Europe and worldwide, according to your wishes and time possibilities and always after consultation with you! The Plescort approach is absolutely serious, discreet and safe, also on an international level. We are a small but fine agency, and intentionally include only a few selected ladies in the portfolio, in order to be in a position to provide each lady represented by Plescort with the best possible individual service. The agency will take care of all the publicity and correspondence with clients for you, and will help organize your logistics (flight bookings, hotel reservations, etc) so that you can get to your clients safely and relaxed. Your portfolio will include professional photos that reflect your personality in the best possible way. If you don't have any recent and/or suitable pictures that you would like to provide for this purpose, we will be happy to help you organize a professional photo shoot. We will help you to prepare excellently for your dates and, if you wish, we will also assist you in choosing the appropriate wardrobe and make-up. The commission Plescort charges for this all-round service of advertising, date and travel organization and customer care is 33 of your booking fee. Your travel expenses, as well as tips and gifts you may receive from your clients, are of course not subject to the agency commission. We will put everything in writing in an agency contract if we decide to work together.

What does escort service mean?

The word "escort service" is another word for escort service. The escort lady accompanies the client for a certain time. So an escort lady is paid for the time she spends with her client. Meanwhile, the term "escort" is used and understood in very different ways. For us, escort is neither just paid sex, nor just an evening companion without intimate interactions. However, fun in intimacy is a prerequisite to experience with the customer a time full of closeness, intimacy and tingling flirtations.

Is Escort Prostitution?

In Germany, prostitution is a legally practiced profession. According to the law, the activity as an escort also counts as prostitution and must therefore be registered and the income of course also be taxed. Nevertheless, escort is more than just sex. Every lady of course enjoys erotic adventures for two, yet sexual services can not be promised or even forced. Meetings take place on a consensual basis, with the option to break off a date at any time. Without fun in eroticism, however, it is not possible, since the rendering of sexual services is part of the work as an escort.

What happens on an escort date?

Each date is individual and differs depending on the customer and lady. With regard to the customer's wishes, a suitable escort lady is recommended by the escort agency. The booked lady receives all necessary information about her customer to be able to prepare perfectly for the date. Depending on the length of the date, the customer and the lady go to eat something and / or drink something and get to know each other better, to then experience intimacy and eroticism together in the room. Both can cancel the date at any time and no one has to do anything he or she does not want. Escort service as pure companionship does not really exist and is not requested by customers. So without having fun with intimacy, sex and eroticism you will hardly be able to work as an escort lady. However, both customer and escort lady can decide individually how they want to spend their time together. Dates can go from two hours to several days. So you will get to know many cities and spend a lot of time in luxury hotels and restaurants.

What distinguishes an escort lady?

Fun with sex, eroticism and intimacy is important, but not sufficient. Education, a positive charisma, empathy, confident appearance and the appropriate wardrobe for an upscale environment, discretion, charm, flexibility and an open nature characterize a high class escort lady.

Why do you need an escort agency?

A high class agency takes over a lot of administrative and organizational work for the escort lady. The escort agency operates advertising through various portals, creates and maintains the website, communicates with customers, checks the seriousness of the requests and takes over all the necessary preparatory work so that a date can take place at all. The high class agency provides the high class escort lady with all the necessary information about her client and when and where she will meet him. The escort agency maintains the discretion of the escort ladies and the escort clients by acting as a mediating party. Good escort agencies know the likes, dislikes, and also the strengths and weaknesses of their listed ladies. The agency strives to recommend the lady with the suitable interests for each date request. A perfect date means that the lady really enjoys the time with her customer. Only in this way can you pass on positive feelings to the customer and provide a positive atmosphere. As an independent escort you have to manage all these tasks alone, which means that you have to invest more time, money and work into making a date happen. Even with currently popular sugardaddy websites, your administrative workload is a lot higher, since you have to write to potential sugardaddies yourself and organize the meetings. In addition, you have to conduct your fee negotiations on your own. For the escort activity as a side job, the cooperation with a renowned escort agency offers itself. If you are listed with a good high class agency, you only have to confirm or cancel a date and can concentrate on the meeting itself.

What documents do you need?

If you want to work in Germany you need the registration according to the Prostitute Protection law. Since 1.7.2017 the Prostitute Protection Act applies in Germany and any activity concerning sexual services must be registered. You must first make an appointment for a health consultation at the health office. This includes only a consultation and no examination. However, as a registered escort you can be tested free of charge for venereal diseases and examined by a doctor at the health office. With the certificate of the health consultation you go to the public order office. There you will get a lot of useful information, as well as a registration certificate for the prostitution business. This all sounds very time-consuming, but it is mandatory and can be done faster than you think.

Professional photos!

Agencies often have a photographer they work with. Good photos are extremely important, because the photos are, so to speak, your figurehead and the customer gets a first impression of you. It is therefore worth investing in good photos and trusting the advice of experienced agency management in this regard. You will receive a multi-page shooting guide from us and support in the organization and process of the shooting.

What skills should you optimize?

To become a sought-after high class escort, you should bring an open-minded, uncomplicated personality and have the courage for adventure. A positive charisma and curiosity towards erotic experiences is a must - because only then you can convey real sensuality and enjoy it yourself. Curiosity about your counterpart, with whom you will spend the next hours or even days, the joy of unknown encounters and the ability to entertain even in conversation and proactively respond to your counterpart - all these are important skills for this profession. Because some men are rather reserved and need to be picked up and charmed by you. A good general education and genuine charm help enormously here.If you can go out of yourself and appear authentically, without losing yourself, inspire as a high class lady the customers and can often make lasting contacts. Because in this activity, it is not uncommon to have very long-term, enriching relationships with regular customers. Even if the boundaries to the "official life" of the parties involved are quite marked. Excellent manners, reliability, punctuality, discretion are just as naturally assumed as the ability to act independently and conscientiously.

Invest in yourself!

Consider your body and personality as your most important assets. Both are very important for the job as an escort. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself and always think about your well-being. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. A "perfect" body thanks to cosmetic procedures is usually not even necessary. Your clients want a woman who feels comfortable in her own body and therefore radiates the appropriate sensuality. As a High Class Escort Lady you are much more than a pretty body. Your charm and education are definitely among the things you should cultivate. Read books, including non-fiction, and keep up to date with current events. This way you can hold interesting conversations and remain a fascinating partner for your client. But also practice active listening, because that excites men at least as much. As a high class escort you have to invest not only in your mind, but also in high-quality outfits, because you do not only meet your clients in the bedroom. Also in public you have to appear as a stylish woman who can not only meet but even exceed a man's expectations of her appearance. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable clothes and accessories and, if you wish, help you organize your photo shoot. Of course, all this has its price at the beginning, but it creates the basis for how you will be perceived later - that pays off!

How can the escort activity be accommodated in your life?

As a high class escort lady you are booked for hours, days or weekends. In case of mutual sympathy, joint vacation or business trips for a week or longer can also occur. Depending on how well you like the assignment as an escort, you can think about doing this job "full-time". An escort has a lot of financial and temporal freedom and thanks to the upscale clientele makes quite beautiful, sometimes even extremely luxurious experiences. With the activity as an escort you are self-determined and can arrange your life according to your own ideas. But even as a sideline, the activity as an escort lady is an absolute enrichment. If you are employed, you can combine escort dates especially well with a job that is flexible anyway and perhaps also allows travel. Besides your studies or for example as a stewardess or tour guide, you can easily keep appointments as an escort lady.How you deal with this exciting job description is up to you - some escorts hide their activity, while others are very self-confident and open about it.