Booking duration

Which booking duration is suitable for which occasion? Find out which booking duration suits your date.

Why booking duration matters

One of the many sides of our escort ladies is that they offer you a cultured accompaniment with a confident demeanor. You do not want to discover the beautiful sides of a big city alone, but in any case do not want to take an 08/15 guided tour? Go out for a refined meal, but prefer to be accompanied? Maybe you don't want to miss the company of a beautiful, interesting woman even on a business occasion? Experience a visit to the theater or an evening at the opera with an exciting woman at your side, enjoy an atmospheric dinner for two, or impress your business partners with a worldly companion.

And also for a wellness weekend or sporty leisure activities, many of our ladies are quite enthusiastic. You will enjoy getting to know an attractive woman, to flirt and to experience the tingling feeling when the spark jumps over. The beauty of an escort date is also the certainty of being able to end up with this beautiful woman later in the hotel bed.

The booking duration sets the framework

However, you do not necessarily have to leave the hotel room, but can limit the entire date to the hotel. Since most upscale hotels offer a very good room service, you can definitely tend to spend the date only in the room. Detached from everyday life it is easier to let go and experience new facets of eroticism together. Frivolous going out, role-playing, a night of unleashed lust with a Porn Star Experience, a duo date with two dream girls, a threesome with your partner and an escort lady, as well as a longer girlfriend experience are just some of the possibilities for hosting an escort date.

But which booking length is the right one for your event? What advantages and disadvantages can the different date lengths bring? Here you should first get a rough overview of how the different lengths of the booking duration can affect the date and for which occasion which duration is best suited. However, contact us in any case to get personal advice with regard to your individual ideas.

An escort dates for any booking duration

Our escort ladies offer you a perfect date experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and hidden lusts. Whether it's dirty talk, costumes or more extreme types of play - we are open to everything.

Your secret wishes

Experienced escorts will help you fulfill your most intimate fantasies and desires. Together we plan an unforgettable experience based on a lot of trust and communication.

We plan together with you an unforgettable experience

We take time to understand your wishes and recommend a suitable lady. Shared overnights and full day adventures are also possible, but we value health and protection, so unprotected sex is excluded.

Which options offer which booking duration?

Escort dates start from 2 hours. The duration is not limited upwards. Dates can be booked for several hours and days.

Escortquickie – two to four hour dates

Short dates are, of course, especially good when there is only a short window of time available or as a way to get to know each other before a possible overnight date together. Do you want to get to know a lady first before you book longer or are you just looking for a little sexual adventure in between? Short escort dates definitely have their charm and advantages. However, if you expect to be very nervous, too short a time slot can put additional pressure on you, preventing you from relaxing properly during the date. Many clients like to book a few hours with an escort lady on business trips between appointments and business dinners. Even if there is a longer period of time to be bridged between two flights, many customers come up with the good idea of making good use of the waiting time in an airport hotel. Since you have less time on short dates, this can increase the pace and intensity of the encounter. Especially since, especially on two-hour dates, the entire duration of the date is spent in the hotel room for two. Three to four hour dates usually incorporate a short bar or cafe visit, a trip to the spa, or a short walk. However, the majority of the date is spent in private togetherness. If you realize during the date that you would like to extend and this is also possible in terms of time, you can extend the date in consultation with the lady. If this is not possible from their side or yours, but there is the possibility for a follow-up date with the certainty of a coherent chemistry. However, if the chemistry between the client and the escort lady is just not quite right, then this will not have as strong an impact on a two or three hour date as it would on an overnight, for example. It can still be an entertaining and satisfying date for those few hours, even if it wasn’t outstanding and a repeat is out of the question.

Escort experience with longer foreplay – four to eight hours of dates

Most escort dates are structured to be divided into “social time” and “private time”. This means spending part of the time together in public at a restaurant, bar, event, spa or outing. The rest of the time is spent together in the hotel room. This does not have to be strictly divided separately. If, the lady meets you in the room and there is still enough time until the restaurant visit, it can be quite charming to become intimate before the meal. When visiting the hotel restaurant, you can disappear to the room for two between courses. In the elevator or in the cab you can make out without restraint. Especially brave ones may even dare a quickie while walking in the park. The possibilities are many. The advantage of longer dates is clearly less time pressure and getting to know each other more intensively in different situations. This way you can savor all aspects of the escort experience and not be limited to a passionate two-hour encounter in the hotel room. How exactly the time is structured depends on the client and the lady. There are, of course, no guidelines as to how the time of the date should be divided and spent.

Overnight Dates: Overnight stay with your dream girl

A whole long night enjoying the intimate togetherness with a beautiful woman: This becomes possible with an overnight date. Freed from the time pressure of the day, it is possible to relax, to lie in each other’s arms, to explore each other, to have conversations…all without looking at the clock.

Sleepovers are actually the natural continuation of enriching erotic encounters. So you can spend an atmospheric dinner and a sparkling evening in interesting company and fall asleep in the arms of the lady of your choice. Overnight dates are especially appreciated because of the often tender, intimate atmosphere that is created. They are romantic, atmospheric, special! A night spent together that you will remember fondly long after and certainly want to repeat!

An overnight stay together creates the relaxed setting for an erotic experience, whether it is a girlfriend experience, an evening with two ladies or stimulating role play. Each Overnight Date will be tailored to your wishes – you can make your dream date come true in this way.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can create a night to remember for you!

Travel company

Traveling together with an escort lady – certainly a wonderful opportunity to enjoy many varieties of togetherness, if you are traveling privately or even on business. The options are as varied as your travel preferences.

A city trip over the weekend becomes even more beautiful together with a beautiful woman. Stroll together with an escort lady through the streets of Paris, Milan or Monaco. Discover galleries, museums or shopping miles. Enjoy romantic dinners together with a beautiful woman in an exquisite restaurant, with a good wine and atmospheric lighting. And, of course, spending the night in a well-kept hotel involves much more than the intimate experience, because falling asleep and waking up together definitely has its appeal. Grade morning sex is said to have a magic all of its own.

Of course, our escort ladies will also be happy to accompany you on longer trips – for example, to a spa vacation or to a resort where you can unwind together, enjoy the luxury of sweet idleness and pamper each other. A nice, fun companion who is happy to join you when you want to discover clubs or beach bars in the evening will make the trip an experience you will remember with pleasure

No matter how you imagine your dream vacation or city break, whether you are a sports enthusiast, a fan of adventure vacations, prefer culture or relaxation, at the side of your dream woman you will definitely enjoy the trip even more. The anonymity and escape from everyday life that comes with a trip to foreign cities or foreign countries make it even easier for you to let yourself go. So it is easier to take distance from his everyday life and fully enjoy the time with the chosen dream woman.

Especially with a longer travel booking, the choice of the lady should be well thought out and you should already know the lady. Spending several days with a companion, even though the chemistry is not right, quickly turns the longed-for love vacation into a horror trip.

It is best to contact us directly if you are planning a trip. Let’s consider together which companion might be the most suitable for your trip.