Short description

You will find in me a devotion that only Sasha can give you. Self-confidence and playfulness, irony and seriousness and casual togetherness, hot, cool, greedy, immoderate. I am with you what I am with no one else. We can pretend and we can be real, just as we want.

Homebase: Brussel

At a glance
  • Authentic dedication
  • Sensual desire and sexual openness
  • Unique combination of intellect and sensuality
  • Humorous lightness
Early 20s
Bust size

Clothing size
Shoe size
Eye color

Language skills
German, English, French
Hair color
Worldwide (excluding air travel)
Interessen & Vorlieben
Favorite flowers
They look best outside in the field, at home I have houseplants...
Piercings / Tattoos
Yes (septum) / Yes (three small ones)

Zadie Smith, Virginie Despentes, Ottessa Moshfegh, Donna Tartt, Irmgard Keun, Uwe Timm, Eva Illouz
Favorite movies
Titane (Julia Ducournau), Den siste våren (Franciska Eliassen), Les Années Super 8 (Annie Ernaux)

Preferred drinks
Wine, Whiskey Sour, Amaretto Sour
Preferred cuisine
French, Italian, Japanese (but of course everything else too and of course I prefer to discover something new anyway)
Zodiac sign

About Sasha

I am with you what I am with no one else. We can pretend and we can be real, just as we want.

You will find in me a devotion that only Sasha can give you. Self-awareness and playfulness, irony and seriousness and casual togetherness, hot, cool, greedy, immoderate.

We can listen to each other, not just when we talk. I know that I want you when you want me. Seeing it in your eyes, feeling it in your grip, smelling it on your body turns me on. That's what I want - and for you to brush your teeth. Preferably with dental floss.

I look forward to finding out what you want and to sharing your experiences and thoughts with you. That is one of the most important reasons for me to be an escort. To get to know each other and experience gentle or wild adventures together, where otherwise you might have only exchanged a glance somewhere on the street - or not even that. I want to open up and show myself, but even more I want to experience other people and have them open up to me. For me, physical closeness doesn't have to be accompanied by intellectually demanding and insanely witty conversations (even if I have no objections to them). I think it would be a great gift for me to experience you - in whatever way.

My studies and my everyday life merge pretty seamlessly into one another and I always spend a lot of time looking at my inner life, but also that of other people. I enjoy it, sometimes it's exhausting, and above all I think it's important to look outside the environment you've created or given yourself. In other words: to approach new things with interest, not to understand everything and not to be intimidated or frightened by them. But whatever. All in all, I just realized that I really, really want to be an escort.

I like giving something of myself and seeing what happens to the other person. I love to realize that I can give someone pleasure. And of course, my own desire also plays a big role.

Then I made that joke earlier about the dental floss. I'm serious, of course, but it's also a matter of course. Apart from that, the only thing that's really important to me is a benevolent relationship. I make an effort to approach you with openness and interest, even if I admit to having a weakness for sarcasm, but of course: I also want to be taken seriously as a conversation partner. I'm sure we can have an exciting, memorable and unique time together!

Services von Sasha

Girlfriend experience
Porn star experience
Event escort

Weekend trips
Travel Companion
Kissing (tongue)

French eroticism
Come on body
Come on face

Lesbian show/Bisexual eroticism

Golden shower active
Golden shower passive

Rimming active
Rimming passive
Bondage active

Bondage passive
Spanking active
Spanking passive

BDSM active
BDSM passive

Dates with couples
Threesome FMM
Threesome FFM

Erotic massage
Dirty talk
Dominant part

Submissive part
Visits swinger clubs/Fetish party
Fetish clothing/Latex (please let me know early enough I am not well equipped!)

Foot erotic
Masturbation show/Playing with sex toys

Frivolous going out
Role play


Duration Fee
2 hrs.800€
3 hrs.1000€
4 hrs.1200€
6 hrs.1500€
8 hrs.1600€
Overnight stay (up to 12 hrs.)1900€
Overnight stay (up to 15 hrs.)2000€
Overnight stay (up to 18 hrs.)2300€
A whole day (up to 24 hrs.)2500€
Two whole days (up to 48 hrs.)4300€

Travel expenses

Distance Travel expenses
50 km50 €
From 100 km (minimum booking 3 hrs)100 €
From 150 km (minimum booking 3 hrs)150 €
From 200 km (minimum booking 4 hrs)200 €
300 km - 400 km (overnight stay)300 €
Air travelDepending on ticket price

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